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Europe’s electricity costs rose 10 times, residents crazy rush China’s “summer magic weapon”, foreigners: fan really fragrant

U.S. scientists believe that this summer will be the hottest in 100,000 years. France, Germany and other European countries have exceeded the 40-degree heat threshold. European environment summer issued a notice, the future of Europe’s high temperature and hot weather will be more frequent and long-lasting.
Under the high temperature, fans, air conditioning fans, refrigerators and other Chinese cooling summer gods in Europe sales fire out of the circle, received a lot of residents of the crazy praise.
According to CCTV financial news, the number of fans in China from January to May was as high as 2.35 million units, with exports surging 240%, while the annual export value of a single air conditioner manufacturer has exceeded $100 million.
“Summer has just descended, and already the orders are bursting, and the factories are running non-stop 24 hours a day.” Mediterranean climate under the influence of Europe, it should be a year-round temperature difference is small, the climate is livable and suitable for people, local residents do not need air-conditioning appliances all year round.
However, by global warming and the impact of the El Niño phenomenon, this year became Europe’s hottest summer on record. Many “pampered” European residents suffer, can only buy air conditioning this summer magic weapon.
However, it should be known that air conditioners consume electricity very quickly. In the past few years by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Europe’s energy shortages, power prices have been soaring. According to Wisdom Financial and other media reports, the cost of electricity in some areas as high as 5000 euros / megawatts, a 10-fold increase, equivalent to 80 yuan per kilowatt-hour.

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