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Fan sales season, small and medium-sized manufacturers are worried about the order: there is no explosive products, everyone is playing a price war

This year’s summer in the northern hemisphere has been scorching, with many countries experiencing extreme heat. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was hospitalized due to high temperature dehydration, the Acropolis of Athens, Greece, to protect tourists announced the suspension of the opening of the 5 hours, the United States, also nearly 100 million people received heat warnings. At home, Gansu, Sichuan, Hebei, Chongqing and many other places in July 17 issued a high-temperature warning.
However, some small and medium-sized manufacturers in the fan industry, which is supposed to usher in the peak sales season, are worried.
“The factory’s efficiency is not good, and it is looking for orders.” Zheng Jiali, owner of a fan factory in Dongguan, told Times Business that fan orders have become fewer this year compared to previous years. She mentioned that domestic small and medium-sized fan manufacturers are playing a “price war”.
China is a large fan production and export country, behind the huge industry are millions of fan factories. Times financial parties to understand that the industry “involution” serious, Zheng Jia Li’s encounter is also the situation of many small and medium-sized fan manufacturers.
Small and medium-sized factory price involution
Local time on July 16, Italy, Sardinia and other places where the temperature exceeds 48 degrees Celsius, being in Rome, Italy, Liu Hu told the Times Financial, the yard planted bamboo are sunburned to death, they can only reduce the recent outing, blowing the air conditioning in the house.
Liu Hu has lived in Europe for many years, feeling that this year’s temperature is unusually high, “before Rome does not need air conditioning in the summer, as long as the window shades down. He also mentioned that almost every household in Italy has a fan, and many old houses are cultural relics that cannot be air-conditioned.
However, many small and medium-sized factories of fans in the country are underperforming in the hot weather. “Factories are dumping goods at low prices to cash in, are sold at a loss.” As a manager of a foreign trade company in Foshan, Xianglin said that some fan product prices are even as low as below cost price.
Foreign trade company connected to the factory and overseas markets, Xiang Lin is mainly responsible for exporting fans to the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He said the company a vertical fan offer 20 to 30 dollars, a desktop mini air-conditioning fan only 17 yuan, the price is very low.

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